Known for its brisk blue waters, Round Valley Reservoir is a 2,350-acre, 55-billion gallon pumped-storage reservoir. This popular spot for outdoor recreation is part of a system that supplies raw water to more than 1.5 million residents. The New Jersey Water Supply Authority is making improvements to extend its operating life and has engaged Schnabel to lead the design and construction administration for the project.

Named for its shape, the reservoir is impounded by three earth embankment dams that rank among the top 10 highest dams in the state. The largest, South Dam, is 180-feet high and the third highest in the state. Our work spans multiple phases of the project for the design and construction of these improvements. Tasks include site explorations, evaluation, planning, schematic and final design, permitting, risk assessment, and project risk evaluation and management for the rehabilitation of all three embankment dams. We’re also leading the effort for design and construction for rehabilitation of ancillary infrastructure, including building and security improvements, intake towers, and dredging of a tower intake to restore gate functionality.

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