Over six decades of experience has made Schnabel the go-to resource for special solutions to difficult geotechnical problems. Our services extend from concept through development of design drawings and specifications, which generally involves collecting, developing, and performing subsurface investigation programs and providing geotechnical analyses and recommendations for use in the planning and design process.

We perform geotechnical investigations to develop geotechnical design recommendations for foundations, earthwork, slopes, pavements, storm water management features, and other design elements. Our engineers and geologists are trained to apply the most appropriate subsurface investigation techniques and tools for each assignment. Site investigation techniques might include the following: drilling and sampling of test borings, rock coring, groundwater wells, in situ testing, air track probes, test pits, and geophysical techniques.

Soil and rock samples obtained are assigned for strength and both AASHTO and ASTM classification testing in our soils laboratory. Often, ground modification techniques such as compaction and jet grouting, vibro-concrete columns, vibro-compaction, rammed impact piers, Geopiers®, deep dynamic compaction, and pre-loading with wick drains are evaluated to improve existing subsurface conditions, reducing construction cost and accelerating the construction schedule.

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Principal / President, Geoprofessional Services

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Chief Operating Officer
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National Transportation Services Leader

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