When asset performance matters: Schnabel brings you reliable infrastructure monitoring with solutions for transformative data management, data acquisition, remote sensing, and the internet of things.

With Schnabel’s IMS (Infrastructure Monitoring Services), instrumentation and remote sensing data monitoring can be automated through our easily scalable cloud-hosted platform. This allows for seamless data management throughout a project or your across entire asset network system.

Schnabel’s IMS offerings feature:

  • Cloud account to remotely manage sensors and configure visualizations
  • State of the practice IIoT
  • Capabilities for legacy system conversions
  • Device-provider sensor agnostic solutions
  • Real-time data accessible 24/7
  • Automated alerting and reporting
  • Customized data visualization
  • Photo capture capabilities
  • System engineering and design monitoring
  • State of the art geospatial technologies including LiDAR and AMTS
  • ADAS (Automated Data Acquisition System) design and installation

With over 65 years of engineering experience and strong partnerships with proven technology providers, Schnabel has the experience and insight to design, install and maintain your automated data acquisition system, managing your assets’ life cycle and mitigating risk. Our IMS team’s partners include:

  • InSAR (EO59, Inc.), which provides industry-leading InSAR data and analysis that allows us to look back in time as well as monitor ongoing change from outer space — all with millimeter accuracy.
  • sensemetrics (a Bentley Systems company), a robust platform for telemetry and data management backed by one of the civil engineering industry’s leading technology innovators.


Our Experts

Johanna Mikitka Simon, PE

Senior Engineer
Infrastructure Monitoring Services