Dam safety is a complex issue requiring expertise in hydrology, hydraulic engineering, geotechnical engineering, geology, seismology, surveying, and structural analysis. We bring our cross-functional team of engineers to projects to gain a full understanding of your project site and dam requirements.

Our dam engineering evaluation and analysis consists of three primary phases. The evaluation of design, construction, and performance includes data review and on-site examinations and observations. From the information gathered, we identify and document issues and weaknesses. We report our findings and then work with you to prioritize deficiencies based on the level of seriousness or risk. Whenever feasible, we utilize risk-informed decision-making tools to allow our clients to make the best decision possible on how a project should proceed.

Key Contacts

Michael C. Canino, PE

President, Dam and Levee Engineering Services — Strategy and Execution

Thomas Fitzgerald, PE

Principal / Western Region Leader, Dam and Levee Engineering Services
Board of Directors

Joseph S. Monroe, PE

Principal / President, Dam and Levee Engineering Services
Chairman, Board of Directors

Greg Paxson, PE, D.WRE

Principal / National Practice Leader for Dams