Schnabel is a recognized leader on water rights engineering, water resources projects, and related engineering services, including the design and construction of dams, soil bentonite cutoff walls, tunnels, canals, drainage channels, pump stations, ditch structures, floodplain modeling, and pipelines.

Our services include feasibility investigations, water rights studies, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, civil and structural design, and construction engineering and management services. Our water rights and water resources expertise combined with our design and construction experience enables us to effectively identify important items early in the initial design phase and to prepare construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates, and bid documents that are accepted by the regulatory review agencies. Additionally, we routinely provide resident construction engineering services and construction management for the projects we design.

Our Experts

Mark McLean, PE

Senior Vice President Branch Leader – Longmont, CO, Office

James E. Parkes, PE

Senior Associate
Technical Tunneling Director

George R. Teetes, PhD, PE

President, Tunnel and Underground Services
Board of Directors