A toolkit of geotechnical information to address all phases of decision making from planning to design to construction supporting engineers and owners in the construction and management of their assets.


With decades of experience, EO59 designs space-based deformation monitoring systems paired with the world’s most powerful satellite radar platforms from the Italian Cosmos-SkyMED, Canada’s RadarSat, and Europe’s Sentinel twins. Schnabel brings this to life by partnering with EO59 to give you IMS.


Schnabel is proud to partner with sensemetrics to bring our IMS cloud platform to life.

Aterra-Schnabel Joint Venture

Aterra-Schnabel JV is a prime contractor with industry-leading capabilities in dam assessment and design, water resources engineering, planning, and construction management services.


Schnabel-SWS is a strategic, North American alliance of two well-known tunnel engineering firms combining expertise and innovation to bring tunneling and underground solutions to some of infrastructure’s most complex challenges.