Water infrastructure projects involve many unknowns, especially related to underground conditions. They require an array of highly specialized engineering and consulting services to get the job done while minimizing risk. From project management and coordination standpoints, using a single provider for these services is both valuable and pragmatic.

Under one roof, Schnabel brings together a blend of geotechnical, tunnel, hydraulic, and construction engineering talent, as well as expert risk management consulting. Whether defining baseline conditions, designing conveyance structures, or managing risk, we’re a creative and conscientious teammate with owners, designers, and contractors.

Designing and constructing tunnels presents some of the most formidable challenges in the field of geoengineering. The people staffing such projects must have excellent credentials — experience, training, and a record of success. The engineers and geologists on our team help round out the entire project team with their experience in the design and construction of tunnels (water, wastewater, transportation, and hydroelectric), other underground structures, hydraulic structures, and specialized fluid flow analysis.

We advocate and support an integrated planning approach that encompasses multi-phase construction cost estimating services, constructability analysis from feasibility level through bid-level check estimates, and analysis of different construction methods and support systems to determine impacts on cost, schedule, function, and suitability.


Key Contacts

Michael C. Canino, PE

President, Dam and Levee Engineering Services — Strategy and Execution

Thomas Fitzgerald, PE

Principal / Western Region Leader, Dam and Levee Engineering Services
Board of Directors

Joseph S. Monroe, PE

Principal / President, Dam and Levee Engineering Services
Chairman, Board of Directors

Greg Paxson, PE, D.WRE

Principal / National Practice Leader for Dams

Scott A. Raschke, PhD, PE

Principal / National Practice Leader for Levees

George R. Teetes, PhD, PE

President, Tunnel and Underground Services
Board of Directors

James E. Parkes, PE

National Practice Lead for Tunnels