Arcadia Lake is a multipurpose reservoir facility funded by Edmond, Oklahoma, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. An agreement allows the city’s water treatment plant to transmit 12 million gallons per day (mgd) through the facility’s low-level outlet works. This is quickly becoming insufficient as the city grows, so it decided to construct a new raw water intake and pump station to more than double that capacity.

The upgrades enable 30 mgd and can be readily expanded to meet an ultimate capacity of 65 mgd. As a subconsultant to Carollo Engineers, Schnabel is providing planning and design services along with permitting assistance to the city for this work. Our final design consists of a new multilevel intake along the bank of Arcadia Lake. It’s composed of three stainless-steel tee screens that direct water through individual microtunnels to the intake’s 50-ft-diameter by 80-ft-deep wet well shaft. The pump station deck above the wet well shaft supports five pumps, motors, compressors, and appurtenant equipment. Twin 42-inch-diameter raw water pipelines exit the pump station below grade and proceed approximately 6,000 feet to the water treatment plant.

As part of the work, we also completed the design of the paving, grading, and drainage around the pump station in addition to the site’s access roadway and onsite backup generators. The backup generators include full 72-hour capacity, sub-base fuel storage with a spill containment system surrounding the generators and refueling area to ensure no contamination of Arcadia Lake.

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