USSD Board Members Visit Chimney Hollow Dam Construction Site

The United States Society on Dams (USSD) held its fall board meeting on Wednesday, November 3 and on Thursday, 4 some members of the board toured the Chimney Hollow Dam construction site as guests of Schnabel Engineering and Barnard Construction. Schnabel is the lead designer for the high hazard cofferdam, which is an integral part of the care and diversion of water scheme for the $500 million project. Barnard is the general contractor for the project. The cofferdam will protect the construction site from storms during construction, which includes completely storing the 25-year storm (approximately 550 acre-feet of water or around 180 million gallons of water). The project kicked off this summer and is scheduled to be completed in approximately four years. When completed, the water stored in the reservoir will serve 13 communities along the Front Range of Colorado.

Pictured L-R are Del Shannon (Schnabel Engineering and USSD President), Brandan Vavrek (USSD board member), Amanda Sutter (USSD board member), Marty Teal (USSD Vice President), Kami Gardella (Schnabel Engineering) and Ted Deere (Schnabel Engineering).