The Capital Region Airport Commission (CRAC) enlisted Schnabel in 2018 to provide environmental engineering consulting at Richmond International Airport for an up to five-year master service agreement. Our history with CRAC going back to 2003 made a strong case for the selection. Since then, we’ve completed more than 80 projects at the airport, leading to a solid grasp of the site’s varying subsurface conditions.

The past environmental work we completed involved deicing agent discharge analysis, assessment of waterlines for the presence of harmful bacteria, and soil and groundwater sampling and testing. For this master service agreement, separate projects issued on a task order basis will require a variety of studies, permitting, and regulatory compliance support services. Among the potential tasks are environmental assessment and characterization, stormwater monitoring and discharge, wetland surveys, indoor air quality analysis, underground storage tank site characterization and remediation, NEPA environmental assessments/categorical exclusions, coastal zone management consistency determinations, and hazardous materials survey and testing.

To date, projects have encompassed Phase I environmental assessments, stormwater sampling and laboratory analysis for permitting, regulatory assistance, indoor air quality assessment and evaluation of hazardous building materials, environmental assessment under NEPA to satisfy the FAA, and general consultation.

We are in the early planning stages of assisting CRAC with commercial development of unutilized airport parcels where responsible parties are addressing chlorinated solvent plumes within the Virginia DEQ’s Voluntary Remediation Program.