For 18 consecutive years, Schnabel has provided hydrogeological services in the form of semiannual groundwater sampling and annual reporting to the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the Federal Correctional Complex (FCC) landfill, operating under Permit No. 288, which was closed and capped in 1995. The reports are completed in accordance with Appendix 5.6 of the Virginia Solid Waste Management regulations.

Prior to the landfill’s closure, we installed upgradient and downgradient compliance wells and began closure and post-closure monitoring. Phase I monitoring occurred until 2000 when a statistically significant increase in specific conductance was detected. New Virginia Solid Waste Management regulations required the facility to implement Phase II monitoring (Appendix 5.5 constituents).

We conducted background Appendix 5.5 sampling to acquire the minimum number of sampling data sets (four events) necessary for statistical analysis comparison and then evaluated whether there had been a statistically significant increase in groundwater monitoring constituents. When we determined there had been no increase or groundwater protection standard exceedance, the site was returned to Phase I monitoring status. Following that, we completed an alternate source demonstration to address naturally occurring concentrations of cobalt within groundwater. We continue to provide Phase I monitoring at the site and submit annual reports to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.