To create a solar energy generation facility, Brookfield developed new 60-megawatt capacity solar arrays over hundreds of acres across two counties in Southern Virginia. Numerous stormwater retention ponds and new substations were also part of the project. The arrays were founded on driven pile foundations, while equipment in the substations had foundations consisting of drilled shafts, spread footings, and concrete mats.

Schnabel assisted with this project by providing a thorough and detailed subsurface exploration to identify and characterize the subsurface conditions at the site. This data was then used to aid in the design and selection of foundation systems for the arrays and substation equipment. We also coordinated with numerous entities involved with the project – the developer, power company, our client, sub-consultants, and other contractors – to reduce the risk of miscommunication between involved parties as well as to help facilitate other work that needed to be done on-site. Safety was paramount to all involved parties, and we worked closely with our client and the developer to create a project safety and environmental plan, as well as daily task hazard analyses.