International Women in Engineering Day 2022

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day we’re pleased to feature two of our dedicated employee-owners–Maridee Romero-Graves & Erin Hrovatic.

“I enjoy working as a female engineer and I am very comfortable working in this field that was once male-dominated. I come from a long list of family members with engineering backgrounds (both men and women). As a result, I never felt that engineering was just for men—even when I was the only woman in an engineering class. At Schnabel, I have the pleasure of working with an extremely talented team from various backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. No matter our differences, we all come together toward the common goal of producing a high-quality project, on time, that exceeds client expectations!” – Maridee Romero-Graves

“I’m proud to be a woman in engineering. My grandmother started her career as an engineer in the early 80s when it was unusual to find women in STEM positions. It’s exciting to see how that’s changed as more and more women enter these fields. To me, being a woman engineer, means I have a way to impact meaningful change in the world through a career I really enjoy!” – Erin Hrovatic,

I'm proud to be a woman in engineering...It's exciting to see the changes as more and more women enter the field.