USSD Annual Conference

Schnabel is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the USSD Annual Conference! Stop by Booth #707 and chat with Sharon Krock, Kevin Ruswick, Michael Canino, Jonathan Harris, Corey Schaal, Gerald Robblee, Thomas Hepler, Nathan Smith, Scott Raschke, Greg Paxson, and Charles Denq!

Don’t miss presentations from several dam engineering experts! Details below:

“Actions Following a Risk Analysis: Interim Risk Reduction Measures…And Beyond”
4/18 at 10:30a, part of the Session on Dam Safety
Speaker: Jonathan Harris (Presenting with Ian Hunter of Chelan County PUD)

“30+ Years of Dam Rehabilitation in the USA: Strategies and Influential Events – Part II – The Role of Risk Management”
4/18 at 1:30PM
Speaker: Greg Paxson

“Improving Resiliency through Gate Inspection and Design”
4/18 at 4:05 pm, part of the Flood Hazards Session
Speaker: David Campion