Update for BCRUA Phase 2 Raw Water Delivery System Project.

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) recently visited the Phase 2 Raw Water Delivery System Project. During the design phase, Schnabel served as the Engineer of Record for the tunnels and shafts and are now providing resident engineer and construction inspection for the underground elements for the project. Walker Partners Engineers | Surveyors is the prime engineer for the project.

This project is a huge undertaking that will increase water reliability and capacity to three of the fastest-growing cities in Texas: Cedar Park, Leander, and Rock Rock. The current system of floating barges on Lake Travis produces 32 MGD of water.
This new permanent deep-water intake will increase capacity to 145 MGD and allow the water supply to better withstand the effects of drought and flood. The project includes two tunnels totaling over two miles in length, a 300-ft deep access shaft, underground suction chamber, and multiple bored shafts for intakes, risers, and well casings.

Watch this video from TWDB to learn more about BCRUA and the project!