• Assessment of geotechnical conditions layout and oversight of geotechnical drilling/testing programs, with emphasis on special data required for microtunneling or other trenchless techniques
  • Geotechnical contract documents Geotechnical Data Reports (GDR) and Geotechnical Baseline Reports (GBR) tailored to utility tunneling
  • Alignment optimization comparison of alternative alignments to avoid utilities, shorten tunnel length, or take advantage of better host material
  • Shaft design access pit shoring/stabilization design using soldier piles, sheetpiling, rock bolts and mesh, shotcrete, drilled shafts, OSHA-based trench boxes, and shoring
  • Machine selection evaluation and recommendation regarding feasible microtunneling and trenchless installation methods

Our Experts

George R. Teetes, PhD, PE

President, Tunnel and Underground Services
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James E. Parkes, PE

National Practice Lead for Tunnels

Matt Koziol, PE

Associate, Tunnels and Underground