Schnabel offers a unique history of civil engineering and infrastructure projects, ranging from river intakes to valve houses and world-class pump stations. We not only bring years of experience to a project, we bring hands-on, practical experience that leads to successful operations at dozens of intakes, hydropower facilities, and dams around the nation.

Our design philosophy for critical energy and water supply infrastructure is well established, our technical specifications and design details are thorough and up-to-date, and we have an in-depth understanding of how to plan, design, and operate reliable facilities.

Whether its designing new infrastructure or rehabilitating existing facilities, our experience has shown that realizing the full potential of a project site while preserving its natural attributes and meeting local regulations is critical to a project’s success. Schnabel has the specialized skills and experience in project planning, design, and construction to meet these demanding goals – we’re able to combine civil, geotechnical, structural, hydraulic, and mechanical engineering in-house to create these world-class facilities.

Photo: Courtesy of Tom Hankins, Homestake Project

Key Contacts

Paul E. Diggs, PE

Principal / President, Geoprofessional Services

Chad C. Mayers, PE

Chief Operating Officer

Ray Eldridge, PE

Principal / Senior Vice President