Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is at the foundation of every built structure. At Schnabel, we bring nearly 60 years of experience and expertise to evaluating and characterizing subsurface conditions, as well as defining the design parameters necessary to accommodate those conditions. Thus we help mitigate one of the greatest risks associated with construction—those associated with unforeseen geotechnical issues. We have contributed to the success of thousands of projects in more than 100 countries in the course of our history. These include many of the national monuments in the U.S.

Schnabel is a trusted advisor to our clients, providing expert guidance from project initiation through construction. In the planning stage, we advise how subsurface conditions will impact the project’s layout, design, and cost. During the design phase, we support efforts relating to foundations and other structures at and below ground level. Once in construction, we are often called upon to help resolve construction issues resulting from variable ground conditions and construction activities.

Our geotechnical solutions include:

  • Foundation recommendations for buildings, bridges, industrial facilities and water infrastructure
  • Laboratory testing (AMRL, CCRL, USACE)
  • Drainage and dewatering
  • Slope stability
  • Earth pressures for retaining structures
  • Pavement recommendations
  • Construction QA/QC