Geostructural Engineering

Schnabel’s geostructural group tackles some of the riskiest aspects of construction. Our collaborative team of geotechnical, structural, and construction engineers comes together to perform complex modeling of soil and rock mechanics associated with a proposed project to determine the appropriate construction techniques for site conditions. This results in the best design for ground improvement, foundations, retaining walls, and slope stabilization. Our geostructural team works closely with project designers to integrate the structure design with site conditions, often saving our clients millions of dollars in construction costs.

These successes have been realized on all types of projects including commercial and historic buildings, national monuments, airport facilities, waterfront developments, and large transportation projects.

Our geostructural solutions include:

  • Soil structure interaction modeling (advanced analysis using PLAXIS and FLAC models)
  • Excavation support design
  • Underpinning and micropile design
  • Ground improvement and grouting
  • Slope stabilization and soil nailing
  • Foundation design
  • Value engineering