Innovative data management technology is here! Schnabel and sensemetrics have partnered to develop cutting edge technology that helps government and private sector leaders increase safety, optimize monitoring during construction, decrease capital and recurring expenditure, and deliver productivity improvements across the entire life of your asset.

To create value today — and to secure a competitive advantage for the future — owners, operators, and engineers must drive operational excellence across their business. They must also deliver high levels of capital and resource efficiency while maintaining safety awareness. Our engineering and application experience, together with sensemetrics’ technology, provides leading innovation in instrumentation, sensor management, and data analytics. We collectively offer a solution that leverages sensors and remote sensing technologies for proactive risk management and informed decision making. The result is a reduction in infrastructure cost, improved asset utilization, higher operational efficiency, and increased safety — four key components that distinguish our approach.

  • No need for new sensors — easily and quickly connect existing sensors to the system with wireless technology.
  • Data is near real-time and accessible 24/7.
  • The platform is customizable and allows for automated alerts and computations. Instantly learn if action and threshold levels are exceeded.
  • The sensemetrics THREAD wirelessly and securely collects, stores, and transfers data to the cloud where it can be accessed by your computer, tablet, or smartphone at any time.
  • The THREAD box has a wireless range of up to 7.5 miles and, when linked together, boxes create a robust communication mesh that can cover large distances.
  • Custom charts and tables let you decide what output format is best for your reporting needs.


Our Experts

Paul E. Diggs, PE

Principal / Co-President, Geotechnical Engineering Services

Chad C. Mayers, PE

Principal / Co-President, Geotechnical Engineering Services
Board of Directors