Maintaining and improving roadways across the state, VDOT, the Virginia Department of Transportation, manages the infrastructure that allows millions of residents and visitors to reach their destinations. Since 2013, Schnabel has held a statewide on-call contract for geotechnical engineering and serviced the western region until 2016. We’re currently assigned to the northern region, which includes the Culpeper District.

Under this contract, we’ve provided subsurface exploration, laboratory testing, materials testing, geophysics, geotechnical engineering, and geostructural engineering for a variety of transportation improvement projects, including many bridge replacements. Recently, we provided support to the VDOT Culpeper District to deliver two projects on tight schedules: Albemarle County Bundle and Route 29/215 Vint Hill Road Intersection Improvements.

Here’s a partial list of selected projects we’ve completed:
• Albemarle County Bundle of Intersection Improvements GDR
• Route 29/215 Vint Hill Road Intersection Improvements
• Summit Drive Bridge over Poplar Creek Bridge Replacement
• Route 619 over Hunting Creek Bridge Replacement
• Route 751 Bridge over Reddies Creek Bridge Replacement
• Route 685 Bridge over Georges Creek Bridge Replacement
• Route 623 (Town Fork Rd) over Buffalo Creek Bridge Replacement
• Route 607 (Robertson Rd) over Little Straightstone Creek Bridge Replacement
• Route 713 (Birch Creek Rd) over Birch Creek Bridge Replacement
• Route 655 (Worsham Rd) over Briery Creek Bridge Replacement
• Route 221 over Mira Fork Bridge Replacement Pile Consultation
• Route 619 over Pound River Abutment Tieback Support