Schnabel is the prime consultant providing Program Support Services to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) on the Metropolitan Tunnel Redundancy Program (MTRP), which includes design submittal reviews, value engineering reviews, risk management support, constructability reviews, cost estimating, scheduling, and staff augmentation.

The MWRA is undertaking the MTRP to provide redundancy to its existing water transmission and distribution system. The Program envisions a redundant tunnel system proposed to begin in Weston, Massachusetts near the terminus of the existing Hultman Aqueduct and MetroWest Water Supply Tunnel. A northern tunnel is proposed to extend approximately 4.5 miles to the border between Waltham, Massachusetts and Belmont, Massachusetts and a southern tunnel is proposed to extend approximately 10 miles to Mattapan, Massachusetts. Both tunnels are expected to have intermediate riser connections to the MWRA distribution system along their alignment.

To date, Schnabel has assisted the MWRA in the planning and preliminary design phase of the Program. Planning phase: identifying program delineation; researching historical boring data and compiling into a geotechnical data report; verifying prior cost estimates; identifying scope for the initial geotechnical investigations; establishing program information technology and controls; establishing the risk management process; developing strategies for public communications and property acquisition; perform an assessment of the MWRA’s construction contract practices; and establishing an expert review panel. Preliminary Design Phase: providing field inspectors for the subsurface investigation program, assisting in the development of the Program budget; assisting in the quantitative risk analysis; preparing an independent cost estimate; organizing and participating in industry outreach to inform the Program. In the next phase of the Program, Schnabel will assist the MWRA with the procurement of the Final Design Engineer.