Serving Maryland residents, businesses, and travelers, the Maryland State Highway Administration keeps roadways open and safe. Since 2004, Schnabel has performed multiple tasks for the pavement and geotechnical division of its Office of Materials Technology (OMT). The award of a five-year, on-call statewide contract is a renewal of two previous contracts. Each year, we’ve received an annual consultant rating of “A.”

Our engineers have worked within the administration’s office as project managers, and the OMT honored two as “Consultant Engineer of the Year.” Below we describe our role on a few of the more noteworthy projects.

Using federal aid for pavement preservation (Fund 77), the OMT commenced a pavement rehabilitation project that spanned Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Harford, Montgomery, and Prince Georges Counties. We worked with county staff to identify, recommend, and deliver pavement improvement options. Our services, from studies through construction, have involved surveys; pavement testing and analysis; work plan development; design, documentation and specification, and bidding; and construction consultation.

For District 4, covering Baltimore and Harford Counties, we provided similar services to those listed above, related to public safety and roadway resurfacing projects.

Along I-195 from the Park & Ride to the Francis Avenue Bridge, we served as the concrete pavement rehabilitation engineer. We analyzed conditions and performance data; provided full design, documentation, specification, and bid coordination services; and consulted on material selection and placement during construction.

At the I-695 Inner Loop Bridge over Milford Mill Road, the replacement of the bridge required inner loop improvements and the widening of I-695 to add an extra lane for a future alignment. Our services spanned subsurface investigation coordination; pavement condition and performance data analysis; soil analysis; design, documentation, specification, and bidding; and construction consultation.