Steven E. Conner, PE

Principal Engineer
Blacksburg, VA

With more than 38 years of experience, Steve Conner has been Principal Investigator on a wide variety of projects including schools and educational facilities, buildings, landfills, highways, bridges, treatment plants, industrial facilities, earth dams, and slopes. Steve is currently a Branch Leader, Senior Project Manager, and Technical Reviewer for Schnabel’s Blacksburg, Virginia, office.

Steve’s extensive geotechnical engineering experience includes deep and shallow foundation analysis; ground improvement using aggregate piers, grouting, and dynamic compaction; dam stability and rehabilitation evaluations; landfill site evaluations; quality assurance/quality control for landfill construction and closure; and the stability analysis of natural and embankment slopes. In addition, he has extensive experience in site evaluation, foundation design, and sinkhole mitigation in karst geologic settings.

Steve has evaluated and designed mitigation programs for arresting subsidence of abandoned underground coal mines using grouting and stowing methods, and he has designed closures of abandoned vertical mine shafts to eliminate their hazard to public safety. He is also experienced in evaluating mine spoil fill sites for building and road construction, including the design of ground improvement via deep dynamic compaction, low mobility grouting, and surcharge preloading.