Preston J. Frey

West Columbia, SC

Preston Frey has extensive experience in project, office, and business line management and with oversight for major dam and geotechnical services. He is a Former Executive Vice President of Schnabel Engineering, President of Schnabel Geotechnical Engineering Services, and President of Schnabel Dam Engineering. He is a Director of Schnabel Engineering and a Member of the Board of Directors and the Corporate Operations team. Preston began his career as a Geotechnical Field and Laboratory Technician, earning certifications from National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) and American Concrete Institute (ACI) as he managed diverse field assignments for complex geotechnical and dam construction projects.

Preston’s leadership skills and business acumen triggered a transition to management duties and positions of increasing responsibility within the firm. In January 2021, he began a new role as the Construction Services Manager for the Dam Engineering group. In this position, Preston is responsible for dam construction project staffing, quality assurance, and oversight – a critical role given a large increase in the number and complexity of dam projects where we provide support to owners/clients during construction.