Morley Beckman, PE

Senior Associate / Senior Vice President
Longmont Branch Leader
Longmont, CO

With more than 20 years of engineering and geology experience, Morley Beckman primarily focuses on geotechnical engineering, engineering geology and construction management in the areas of hard rock tunnels and dams.

Her professional experience includes abandoned mine retrofit and rehabilitation design, analysis and engineering designs for both new and rehabilitated dams; geotechnical analysis of slope stability, soil conditions, and seismic hazard risk; review of levee seepage, stability, and seismic conditions for FEMA certification; semi-qualitative risk assessment for dams; and construction management for abandoned mine retrofit and dam rehabilitation projects.

Morley has a wealth of field experience in mine adit and bulkhead inspections, dam inspections, field coordination and oversight for complex horizontal and inclined deep borings and wells, geologic mapping, observation of soil and rock drilling, instrumentation installation and monitoring, and supervision of abandoned mine grouting.