Joseph S. Monroe, PE

Principal / President, Dam and Levee Engineering Services
Chairman, Board of Directors
Alpharetta, GA

After earning his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Clemson University, Joe Monroe joined Schnabel in 1996 as Staff Engineer. Since joining Schnabel, Joe has been involved in the design and construction of new dams and the rehabilitation of existing dams throughout the United States and internationally. Over the past 25 years, Joe has held a variety of roles within the firm and currently serves as the President of the Dam Engineering Business Unit and as a chairman of the Board of Directors. In addition to his administrative and managerial roles within the firm, Joe is heavily involved in the development of work and routinely interacts with existing and prospective clients. He is also deeply engaged in Schnabel’s strategic initiatives such as the recent establishment of the Austin, Texas (dam engineering) branch and the growth of dam engineering services in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Oklahoma.

From a technical point of view, Joe has extensive experience with subsurface explorations and geotechnical evaluations, hydraulic and structural design of spillways, and preparation of bidding and construction documents for dams. In addition to design-related functions, he has provided construction administration during the implementation of the design for which he had responsible charge. Joe is recognized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as a Part 12 D Independent Consultant and PFMA. As such, he routinely provides consulting engineering services for dam engineering projects owned by power producers. Joe is also recognized as an Engineer of Record, which is required to serve as the lead on high hazard dam projects in Georgia.