M. Jonathan Harris, PE

Senior Associate / National Practice Leader for Dam Safety and Risk
Greensboro, NC

Jonathan Harris currently acts as the National Practice Leader for Dam Safety and Risk at Schnabel. He has over 29 years of experience specializing in geotechnical engineering, embankment dam design, seismic engineering, dam safety, and risk analysis. He spent 11 years with the Bureau of Reclamation, working at the Technical Service Center as a Technical Project Lead. Jonathan has conducted numerous dam safety assessments for Reclamation, FERC licensees, and other hydropower owners in the United States and other countries. He spent three years working in New Zealand performing dam safety and risk assessments within New Zealand and other countries.

Jonathan has performed as a Facilitator and Subject Matter Expert for qualitative and quantitative risk analyses for numerous dam facilities. He has actively been involved in providing training for dam safety and risk analysis for over 18 years and is currently part of the United States Society on Dams Risk-Informed Decision Making (RIDM) Training Development Leadership Team and helped organize the Semi-Quantitative Risk Analysis RIDM training.

Jonathan has overseen numerous embankment dam projects for new and existing structures including site investigation, design, construction, and remediation. He has also been involved with many dam safety assessments for a variety of dam structure types and appurtenant structures, including embankments, spillways, and concrete dams.