Ian Donovan, PE

Senior Engineer / Tunnels and Underground

Ian Donovan has 10 years of design and construction experience supporting underground projects in the water, wastewater and transportation sectors. He has performed roles in geological and geotechnical engineering design, program management, risk analysis and mitigation, and resident engineering. Ian has extensive experience in the planning and execution of subsurface exploration programs and subsequent data management and analysis.

Ian’s underground design experience includes evaluation of alignment alternatives, development of geotechnical parameters for design of temporary and permanent works, groundwater inflow analysis, seismic design, and quantitative risk analysis. He has used 2- and 3-D numerical modeling software to support detailed design efforts, and has assisted with preparation of geotechnical data and baseline reports, contract drawings and specifications.

Ian began his underground career working as a field engineer for a contractor in a hard rock tunnel, and he has since continued to provide construction-phase services for underground and heavy civil projects across the country.