Glen G. Church, PE

Longmont, CO

Glen Church has spent more than half of his nearly 30 year career with Schnabel. He has served as a Project Manager and as a Project, Design, and Resident Engineer on numerous heavy civil construction and engineering projects throughout the United States for both government agencies and private industry. His experience includes the design of dams, pipelines, concrete structures, tunnels, slurry walls, canals, and roadways. For these projects, he has performed initial site analyses, feasibility studies, construction cost estimates, preparation of construction plans and specifications, and onsite construction-related services.

Glen has managed, designed, and provided engineering-related construction services on numerous water storage and water conveyance projects. His water storage work includes homogeneous and zoned earthfill, masonry arch, concrete faced rockfill (CFRD), and roller compacted concrete (RCC) dams in Colorado. He has been approved and served as a Third Party Reviewer for the Dam Safety Branch, State of Colorado Division of Water Resources. He has also completed numerous feasibility studies for new dams and the rehabilitation of existing dams. He has served as the Engineer of Record for several dams in Colorado.

Glen has assisted in design and provided construction-related services for several miles of both raw and treated waterlines. These pipelines have ranged from 126-inch diameter welded steel pipe to 6-inch diameter ductile iron pipe, and have been constructed in a variety of environments from high altitude mountainous terrain to within busy urban streets.