Having actionable data at hand before going to the field can be critical. InSAR gives you the ability to observe changes to your asset at the millimeter scale so you can be prepared at any time. With decades of experience, EO59 designs space-based deformation monitoring systems paired with the world’s most powerful satellite radar platforms from the Italian Cosmos-SkyMED, Canada’s RadarSat, and Europe’s Sentinel twins.

InSAR is now affordable, and easily accessible. In a matter of days, you can have access to hundreds of satellite overflights viewing ground surface changes regardless of clouds or darkness.

Schnabel brings this to life by partnering with EO59 as a component of our Infrastructure Monitoring Services (IMS). Schnabel’s IMS fuses data from outer space with terrestrial instrumentation. Clients get a holistic view of their infrastructure performance with Schnabel’s engineering understanding.