NYSAWWA Tifft Water Symposium

Gregory Daviero, Shalla Laws, and Ketan Ragalwar are attending the American Water Works Association’s NYSAWWA Tifft Water Symposium on September 22-23! Don’t miss Greg’s presentation with Judith Hansen the Superintendent of the Kingston Water Department on Thursday, September 23 titled, “Safe Yield for Cooper Lake Dam – A Construction Risk Story”.

Greg shared an abstract of the presentation.


A Safe Yield analysis was originally developed for Cooper Lake to assess the need to increase water storage for the City of Kingston, New York. This included analysis of 80 years of regional stream gage data and reservoir levels to create a tool that reliably predicts water levels in Cooper Lake and highlights the frequency and severity of droughts. The project team leveraged this tool to assess the potential risks to Kingston’s water supply system for prolonged construction at the dam with a lowered pool elevation. This allowed the owner to make a risk-informed decision regarding a suitable pool elevation during construction that balanced risk to water supply operations with construction cost savings.