Numerous Schnabel Engineers to Present at ASDSO

Don’t miss these presentations at ASDSO Dam Safety from a number of talented Schnabel engineers!

  • Greg Paxson – Concurrent Session 14 C 1952 Failure of Frenchman Creek Dam, Montana
  • Jonathan Pittman – Concurrent Session 14 E 1912 Collapse of the Nashville City Reservoir: From Failure to Fortress
  • J.R. Collins – Lightning Talk: NRCS Watershed Planning: A Concerted Effort
  • Kevin Ruswick – Lightening Talk – Dam Breach Modeling and Fly Fishing Along the Trail of Lewis and Clark.
  • Randy Bass – Concurrent Session 03 B Lessons Learned or Should Have Learned – RCC Design and Construction
  • Carmen Lepsch and John Harrison – Concurrent Session 18 A Fish Passage at a Low Head Dam

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