National Pet Day Photo Contest

If you know Schnabel, then you know that we are a big group of animal lovers! To celebrate National Pet Day, we invited our employee-owners to submit photos of their own precious pets for a friendly photo competition.

Check out the winning photos, as voted by Schnabel staff, and read more about these adorable pets below.

1st Place

Ginny | Cody Sheaffer (Richmond, Virginia)

Ginny is a Redbone Coonhound. She used to come to work with me at an old job; this is her at a site near Portland, Oregon wearing her PPE. She is very sweet and loves hiking and swimming. She is 1 in the picture and is 7 years old now.


2nd Place

Zoey and Luna | Zachary Baum, (Albany, New York)

Zoey (left) and Luna (right) are black lab mixes and are both shelter rescues. Zoey is 10 years old and Luna is 8. They’re both very sweet, goofy, and (as you can see) love sharing peanut butter!

Zoey and Luna

3rd Place (tie)

Onyx | Sara Doran (Sterling, Virginia)

Onyx, the Junior Assistant to the RPR, has minimal skills in project oversight. A little ruff with the contractor but knows when to heel.


3rd Place (tie)

Maui | Erinn Johnson (Longmont, Colorado)

Maui is an 8-year-old (almost 9) Akbash, weighing in at 95 lbs.
The Big Maui is too smart for his own good, punches for pets, enjoys eating snow, and running with the bicycle. He is the Houdini of dogs.