Infrastructure Monitoring Service (IMS)

Schnabel’s Innovative Asset Management Technology


When data is critical to your business, your analytics platform needs to be secure, controllable, scalable, and reliable. From compliance and security to management and monitoring, the IMS system offers a robust suite of built-in capabilities to support the needs of your business. It also provides the ability to integrate with sensors and systems you’ve already put into place to reduce implementation time and cost as well as ongoing operational efficiencies.


InSAR—A Satellite Time Machine

Having actionable data at hand before going to the field can be critical. InSAR gives you the ability to observe changes to your asset at the millimeter scale so you can be prepared at any time. With decades of experience, EO59 designs space-based deformation monitoring systems paired with the world’s most powerful satellite radar platforms from the Italian Cosmos-SkyMED, Canada’s RadarSat, and Europe’s Sentinel twins.

InSAR is now affordable, and easily accessible. In a matter of days, you can have access to hundreds of satellite overflights viewing ground surface changes regardless of clouds or darkness.

Schnabel brings this to life by partnering with EO59 to give you IMS. Schnabel’s IMS is the fusion of data from orbit to terrestrial instrumentation beneath the ground. Clients get a holistic view of their infrastructure measurement data with Schnabel’s interpretation experience.


Support for a Wide Range of Sensors & Data Types


Spatial icon

GPS, Automated Total Stations, InSAR


Geotechnical icon

Inclinometer, load cell, TDR, piezometer, seismic, extensometer


Structural icon of city

Strain gauge, tilt
sensor, accelerometer, crack meter


Environmental icon of earth and leaf

Water quality, pH, conductivity, precipitation


Process icon

Pressure, flow, level,
turbidity, concentration, temperature

IMS Cloud Platform

Our platform is compatible with a variety of manufactured sensors and supports a wide range of industry standard types — including spatial, environmental, structural, geotechnical, and process. Integration of multiple sensor types under one platform has historically been an expensive problem for asset owners. These custom system integrations are expensive to own and operate, due to the lack of standardization. Providing owners a platform choice that integrates across sensor technologies and manufacturers empowers them to migrate legacy systems, consolidate instrumentation across departments, and implement new technologies without the burden and cost of implementing redundant systems.

IMS Flowchart
Plug new and existing sensor(s) into any sensemetrics edge device sensemetrics THREAD devices will automatically create a wireless network and securely connect to the cloud. Create your cloud account to remotely manage your sensors and configure visualizations.

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Bring your asset online where you can monitor its performance during construction and throughout its life. With Schnabel IMS, your system is integrated with the experienced engineering needed for a safe environment.

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Geostructural: Allen Cadden / 610-696-6066

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