Schnabel IMS- Managing Risk at Yeager Airport’s RW5

On March 12, 2015, a 240-ft tall slope failure destroyed the Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) Runway 5 at Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Virginia. In response to safety concerns, Schnabel Engineering deployed our Infrastructure Monitoring Service (IMS) to provide real-time access to sensor data during the deconstruction of the failed hillside, construction of a hybrid retaining wall system, and post construction performance monitoring. Leveraging both sensemetrics and Ovela monitoring platforms, IMS is delivering automated data from Measurand ShapeArrays, Geokon MPBX, Load Cells, Strain Gauges, and RST Load Cells in addition to satellite based InSAR deformation monitoring solutions to detect changes detect changes in the wall and surrounding areas of the airport.

Our IMS platform monitored:

  • Deflection of the soldier pile during backfilling and anchor tensioning using SAA sensors
  • Settlement of the backfill zone using MPBX sensors
  • Load carried by tiebacks restraining the lower wall using Load Cell Sensors
  • Strain on the tie rods restraining the upper wall posts using Strain Gauges
  • Ground deformation of the project site using InSAR
  • Long term performance of the hybrid retaining wall system after construction was complete

IMS contributed to the successful construction of the project through

  • Risk Reduction
  • Analysis model verification
  • Data Management efficiency
  • Remote Access to Data
  • Real-time information during and after construction
  • Automated Alerts