FBI Hostage Rescue Team Administration Building

The FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) is an elite counterterrorism and hostage rescue force headquartered in Quantico. Schnabel provided geotechnical engineering for HRT’s new 25,000-square-foot, three-story administration building. The project also included a warehouse and loading dock, a 280-space parking garage, helicopter pad, and carport with adjoining asphalt-paved roadway and parking areas at the FBI Academy.

We performed 25 test borings and soil laboratory testing to evaluate subsurface conditions and provide geotechnical recommendations. Among those recommendations was placing the proposed parking garage on a shallow foundation system consisting of spread footings supported by displacement geopiers. We also advised supporting the administration building and warehouse on spread footings on new structural fill.

Schnabel provided additional pavement design for the roadway and parking areas based upon assumed traffic parameters. We also performed a supplemental investigation and geotechnical evaluation for the planned Tactical Support Branch Enhanced Landing Zone and Taxiway (helipad) associated with this project.