East Branch Dam Rehabilitation

East Branch Dam is a 184-ft high earthen flood control structure owned and operated by the Pittsburgh District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The dam had a history of seepage-related problems, and was classified by the Corps as a Dam Safety Action Class II structure.

As part of the Corps’ long-term risk reduction plan, a concrete cutoff wall needed to be constructed within the existing embankment and foundation. Schnabel provided engineering support to the contractor during this $130M construction project. We led development of the contractor’s environmental submittals.

As Lead Project Geotechnical Engineer, Schnabel was responsible for monitoring construction of the temporary work platform located on the upstream slope. We also designed several temporary features for the contractor, including haul roads and ramps, slurry pits, the work platform slab and cutoff wall guidewalls. Schnabel also served as the Lead Grouting Engineer and provided drilling inspectors during instrumentation installation and grouting operations.