Schnabel Honors Veterans and Servicemen on Veterans Day

Principal Engineer, Chuck Wilson, is a 1971 graduate of the US Military Academy, West Point, New York. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers on June 9,1971. “I always wanted to be a civil engineer and my goal at West Point was to be commissioned in the Corps of Engineers. Being a Corps of Engineer officer provided the opportunity for a wide variety of experiences from construction equipment operations to terrain analysis. The skills I acquired in the military were very applicable to the work I have done in the private sector for four decades.” Wilson served nine and a half years on active duty and over 15 years in the US Army Reserve. He retired in April 1996 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Pictured in uniform in upper-left image.

Senior Staff Scientist, Jeremy Miller, is currently a Captain in the Georgia Army National Guard as an Engineer officer. He has been in the organization for six years of service. His current assignment is the Commander of the 848th Engineer Company SAPPER, a combat engineer company that specializes in providing engineer support to operations and reconnaissance. “My experience of working with Schnabel has been a rewarding one”, said Miller, “Schnabel has been flexible with my schedule and make transitioning into my duty status easy and help work with me when I have Hurricane/Civil disturbance call ups.”

Pictured in uniform in center image.

Project Scientist, Guy-Justin Nuyda, served in the Regular Army as light infantry from 1993 to 1997, at Fort Drum, NY with the units 1/22 and 1/32 of the 10th Mountain Division. “My favorite deployment was Operation Uphold Democracy, Haiti. For part of that deployment, I was assigned Presidential/Foreign-Dignitary Bodyguard/Motorcade duties to protect two different presidents. We received Secret Service training for that. It was pretty cool.”

Pictured in uniform in upper-right image.

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