Cybersecurity on Schnabel’s IMS—Keeping your Data Safe

As our industry and systems move from servers in closets to cloud-based technologies, our end-to-end monitoring solutions must incorporate many layers of data security. Applications such as IMS and InSAR processing bring you invaluable insight with confidence. Schnabel’s IMS offers multiple levels of data security while monitoring your physical critical infrastructure. Our cloud-based application uses multiple security layers to establish a secure environment and provide real-time data monitoring. Here are three ways Schnabel’s IMS can help keep your data secure:

Transmission level 

The use of data encryption protocols between nodes on the ground and to cloud-based hosting such as the IMS platform provide security at the local level.  Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols maintain data security when shared over networks. When we use European Space Agency radar data, a block-chain type technique creates an immutable data log that allows any user of a derivative data product to verify it has not been modified.

User Access 

Access to functions within the cloud-based IMS platform and InSAR results are restricted to authorized users via authentication tokens and credentials where administrators can determine access within their organizations.


Cloud-based IMS offers 24/7 security support compared to the part-time, obsolete, and/or deficient security support associated with on-premise servers. Together, we are able to securely access your data and support your operations.  

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