Celebrating 64 years of Service

When Schnabel’s legacy began in 1956 with the founding of Foundation Test Services, Inc., structural firms often provided their own foundation designs without the benefit of a soil and foundation engineer’s recommendations. This practice soon changed as structural engineers became comfortable working with soils and foundation engineering consultants. The use of a consultant expanded as the economic value of compacted fill for foundations solutions was recognized. This branded Schnabel Engineering as the first true consulting firm in the Mid-Atlantic region to offer both subsurface investigations and soil and foundation engineering consulting services. Our growth and expansion of services over the decades has secured Schnabel’s reputation as a quality geotechnical, dam and tunnel engineering firm throughout the United States, with projects across the globe for many public and private clients. Today we celebrate 64 years of innovation and the commitment of our hard working employees to our clients and partners. Here’s to the next years to come!

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