2018 USSD Annual Conference: Meet Us in Miami!

Fifteen of Schnabel’s dam and levee experts are attending the 2018 USSD Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Miami, Florida, April 30 to May 4. We are deeply involved as sponsors, exhibitors, presenters and moderators:

• Exhibitor at Booth #107
• Silver Sponsor, Scholarship Fund supporter and 5K FUNds Run/Walk participant
• Sponsor, Young Professionals Mentoring Lunch
• Presenting nine programs and moderating four

Tuesday, May 1 – Concurrent Sessions
3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Track 2, Session 2C: Not Giving Up Hope – Third Time’s the Charm with Hope Mills Dam / Corey Schaal
Track 2, Session 2D: Final Results of 3D Geologic Modeling at Boundary Dam: From Abutment Stability to Rock Block Stabilization/ Robert Cannon with Kimberly Pate and Andre Ball of Seattle City Light

Wednesday, May 2 – Concurrent Sessions
8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Track 3, Session 3E: Are You Looking Over My Shoulder? Independent External Peer Reviews of the USACE Dam Safety Program / Greg Paxson with J. Bianco and T. Tutka of USACE

10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Track 4, Session 4B: When a 2-Dimensional Dam Breach Model Leads to Floodplain Revisions, Risk Informed Urban Redevelopment, and Green Infrastructure Improvements / Kevin Ruswick with William Simcoe of the City of Albany
Track 4, Session 4F: Comparing Erodibility Measurements from JET Method to Those from Experimental Levee Breach Tests of Cohesive Soils /
Ali Asghari Tabrizi with M. Hanif Chaudhry of the University of South Carolina

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Track 5, Session 5B: Size-Scale Effects and Piano Key Weir Hydraulics / Nathan Young with Blake Tullis of Utah State University

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Track 6, Session 6A, Panel Discussion 3: Practicing for a Hurricane – A Gate Operations Simulation at Lake Brandt Dam / Laura Shearin-Feimster and Gerald Robblee with Steven Drew of the City of Greensboro
Track 6, Session 6C: Large Dam Removals for Renewal of the Klamath River / Tom Hepler with Seth Gentzler and John Roadifer (AECOM); Ben Swann (CDM Smith); Scott Wright (River Design Group); and Mark Bransom (Klamath River Renewal Corporation)
Track 6, Session 6C: Epic Efforts to Restore an Unique Place on the Rocky River / Laura Shearin-Feimster with Angela Allen of Wildlands Engineering and Chris Flowers of Unique Places, LLC

Representing Schnabel at this conference are the following people. Meet each person via LinkedIn by clicking on their name: Mike Canino, Robert CannonMelinda Dirdal, Emily GibsonJonathan Harris, Tom Hepler, Sharon Krock, Mark LandisGreg PaxsonGerald Robblee, Kevin RuswickCorey Schaal, Laura Shearin-FeimsterAli Tabrizi and Nathan Young.  

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