We’re Open for Business in Seattle!

“Go West, young man” holds new meaning for Alex Rutledge, PE, PG, and Robert Indri, PE, who just opened our first office on the West Coast. The dam engineers, who have been with Schnabel’s Greensboro, N.C., office for over ten years, were already used to long-distance travel to job sites. Thanks to ongoing projects with utility clients in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest–Seattle in particular–being there physically made good sense.  When presented with the opportunity to open our 20th location, which is focused on work associated with dams, Alex and Rob embraced the challenge despite daunting logistics.  In addition to pulling up stakes, moving their families cross-country and house-hunting, they have hung the Schnabel Engineering shingle up and are now officially open for business in West Seattle. Both are quick to credit Greensboro-based Robert Cannon, PG, and Tom Fitzgerald, PE, with “laying the groundwork that created not only a realistic proposition for Schnabel’s expansion, but also for the two of us to be catalysts for success in this new and exciting venture.”

You can reach Alex and Rob by phone at 206-573-5190 or via e-mail by clicking on their names. Their address is 4700 42nd Avenue SW, Suite 570, Seattle, WA 98116. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood!

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