Alan Rasband Delivers 11th Annual Schnabel Lecture at Virginia Tech

Alan RasbandAlan Rasband, president and COO of San Francisco-based Malcolm Drilling, delivered the eleventh lecture in an annual series hosted by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering of Virginia Tech and produced by Schnabel Engineering.

Titled “Technology Advances in the GeoFoundation World: Or, Better Late than Never!” the October 17 event began with professor and assistant department head George M. Filz introducing Schnabel principal and Chairman Allen Cadden, PE, DGE.  Allen spoke briefly about Schnabel and then introduced Al to an audience of nearly 200 students, highlighting his contributions to the industry, profession and community, which included a recent term as president of ADSC.

Al drew upon his experiences over an estimable career in the industry to summarize the history of foundation construction. He also emphasized the dramatic advancements in equipment capabilities since the turn of the century and the impact this has had on our ability to build bigger and deeper foundation elements with greater quality and reliability.  A reception following the lecture provided an opportunity for the students to meet Al personally and inquire about issues that may impact their future careers.

This lecture was recorded and will be available in the near future via a link from Schnabel Engineering posted to our website and social media platforms.

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