Water Wire

Schnabel’s Dam Engineering newsletter, Water Wire, is sent to clients and friends of Schnabel Engineering. It features dam-related topics, soap-box discussions and Schnabel News.  We are thankful to have so many loyal friends in the dam engineering community. One way for us to say thank you is to share Water Wire.  We hope you find it informative, thought-provoking and entertaining.  The newsletter is available in PDF format below.  If you would like to receive an e-mail edition each quarter, please contact us at [email protected].

Some volumes of Water Wire reference attachments.  Please scroll to the appropriate volume in the list below to access the documents referenced within that volume.

Water Wire Fall 2016 – Vol. 16;      Water Wire Otoño 2016 – Vol. 16

Water Wire Spring-Summer 2016 – Vol. 15

Water Wire Summer 2015 – Vol. 14

Water Wire Winter 2014-15 – Vol. 13

Water Wire Summer 2014 – Vol. 12

Water Wire Winter 2014 – Vol. 11

Additional Attachment    Under Pressure – Aging Outlet Conduits

Water Wire Fall 2013 – Vol. 10

Water Wire Spring 2013 – Vol. 9

Additional Attachments    Hodenpyl GeoSupport    Hodenpyl Paper-Hershey Conference    Hodenpyl-SBMA-Retaining Wall

Water Wire Winter 2013 – Vol. 8

 Additional Attachments    Hydraulic Performance of Labyrinth Weirs for High Headwater Ratios    Lake Townsend Dam – Hydraulic Design Toolbox    21st Century Dam Design – Advances and Adaptations

Water Wire Summer 2012 – Vol. 7

Additional Attachments    Ballpark PMFs    Extreme Events    PMPs Never Happen – Or Do They?    PMF Evolution

Water Wire Winter 2012 – Vol. 6

Water Wire Fall 2011 – Vol. 5

Water Wire Summer 2011 – Vol. 4

 Additional Attachments    Lake Townsend Dam Publication    Hickory Log Creek Dam Publication    Dog River Dam Publication

Water Wire Spring 2011 – Vol. 3

 Additional Attachment    Schnabel Engineering Lecture Series Recording

Additional Attachments: Floods Discussion    Dog River (.mov)    Dog River2 (.mov)    Performance of Dams & Spillways – 2008 GA Flood    PMPs Never Happen

 Additional Attachments: Drought Discussion    Climate Change and Reservoir Water Supply Planning    SU 2011 Water Supply Presentation    Water Supply Planning

Water Wire Winter 2011 – Vol. 2

Water Wire Fall 2010 – Vol. 1

Additional Attachment    Lake Townsend Dam Publication