2024 Rocky Mountain Mining and Reclamation Conference Expands

Registration is now open for the Rocky Mountain Mining and Reclamation Conference! Abstracts deadline and early bird registration discount have been extended through March 1.
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Schnabel’s Morley Beckman serves as co-chair of this highly anticipated conference, which is set to unfold in the historic town of Leadville, Colorado, May 22 – 24. This event promises to spotlight both Leadville’s captivating venues and its storied mining past.  “Schnabel is proud to play an integral role as RMMRC expands and starts this next, exciting chapter,” said Morley.


Conference Highlights:

  • Location: Leadville, CO
  • Date: May 22-24, 2024
  • Theme: Elevating Our Impact
  • Objectives: Improving mining practices, addressing water quality impairments, and fostering information sharing and networking.
  • Field Trip Locations: Explore historical sites like Climax molybdenum mine, Eagle Mine and mill site, Leadville Mining Museum, and more.


Hosted for over 10 years as the San Juan Mining and Reclamation Conference, the roots of this event will always exist in the San Juan Mountains. However, the history of mining in Colorado extends throughout the Rockies. Therefore, the conference is expanding its horizons, now embracing the entire Rocky Mountain region under the new banner: Rocky Mountain Mining and Reclamation Conference. The Steering Committee consists of the following partners: Schnabel Engineering, Mountain Studies Institute, Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership, Arkansas River Watershed Collaborative, Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety, HDR, USGS, and Visit Leadville-Twin Lakes. Expected to draw around 250 stakeholders, including mining industry leaders, scientists, engineers, government agency staff, professors, and the public, the conference aims to delve into the science and policy of preserving and restoring water quality at mine sites and mine lands remediation.

“This year’s theme, Elevating Our Impact, asks us to consider the foundational connections of water and watersheds and how we may be inspired by nature itself in our endeavors for extracting and re-using resources, akin to the planet’s perpetual water cycle,” said Steering Committee member Tanya Ishikawa. “Specifically, we welcome presentations concerning mining, mine lands remediation, and water quality, with the goal of improving mining and reclamation practices, and addressing water-quality impairment in the Rocky Mountain west.”

The three-day event will showcase Colorado’s rich mining history in a variety of Leadville’s most iconic venues. “We are thrilled to be hosting the RMMR conference in Leadville this year,” says Visit Leadville-Twin Lakes Tourism Director Adam Ducharme. “Holding events at the Tabor Opera House, The National Mining Museum, Freight, and CMC will give this group a true taste of what our community has to offer during an off-peak time of year when they can take in our unique, small town charm.”


For more information about the conference, including where to submit abstracts, visit https://www.mountainstudies.org/rmmrc.

Schnabel is proud to play an integral role as RMMRC expands and starts this next, exciting chapter.